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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact Digillence Rolson Services?

We are really happy to help you in whatever possible ways. You can request for a meeting so that our representative can come and meet you. Please choose any of the feasible options to reach us:

How long it may take to expect a reply with Quotation?

We ensure that our prospects are addressed immediately to understand the exact requirement once we get the enquiry. We usually take maximum 24 hours to submit the quotation post requirement understanding session.

On what basis the costing is decided?

Digillence always believe in fair pricing and highest possible quality to clients. Costing is analyzed on the basis of man days or man month effort of the team required to ensure the project completion. We always ensure explaining this criteria to the prospects during proposition discussion. Kindly contact us for better understanding on the costing part.

How do I ensure that I am getting the right commitment from the Agency?

Each and every proposal sent to the prospect is prepared by a specialized core team member, which ensures the delivery of the project. Also, for our client’s comfort, we support our proposition with a penalty clause for the delayed delivery, trusting our confidence to deliver over commitments.

What is the penalty clause and how I can be benefited with the same?

Digillence is committed to each client and guarantees 100% ON-TIME delivery with the penalty clause of upto 5% of the project value per week. This helps in ensuring the delivery on time to save on possible losses for the delay caused at our end.

What is the procedure once the proposal is approved?

Once the proposal is approved and the documents are signed, we conduct Requirement Gathering session and document each of the requirements to take the written approval of client. Post taking our client’s reviews and consent, we initiating our wire-framing, designing, development, Search marketing and Social Marketing activities. Ensuring consistent client engagement at all stages and transparency throughout project’s execution.

What is the meaning of ‘Wireframe’ in the proposal document?

Wireframe is a structural demonstration or in other words a skeleton design emphasizing on the components placement and functionalities flow throughout the website/portal in the raw format without colors. These Wireframes are prepared using specialized software tools like Axure RP Pro 6.5. It helps in freezing the elements that clients would like to see on each page before the start of actual designing and development work. Once the wireframe is approved by the client, it helps in smooth completion of the project considering it as the guide-lining benchmark.

How does your web designer know what I need?

Once the project is confirmed, we share the Design Expectation Questionnaire with the clients. They have to fill the entire form which requests for information like sample websites, competitors lists, content style, expected likely colors to be used, font style and type preferences etc. On basis of this document our designers understand the expectation and ensure right design for the clients.

How many design mockups will I get for my website?

Due to our process which includes requirement gathering discussions, design questionnaire form and Wireframe creation, there are very less chances of misalignment on the design front. We still provide multiple color combinations to each client while retaining the same approved wireframe structure. However, we don’t work on number of mockups but ensure that we work till the clients like the design.

What is the duration to develop a website?

It is completely dependent on the type of the project. HTML website with 5 to 10 pages may take maximum 1 week time. CMS based website may take somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks. However other E-commerce and Website Transactional Applications may take time depending on the features or functionality required by the client. Our team takes initiative towards understanding the requirement and delivery timeline expected by the client and tries to match the same. Our suggested project timeline usually comprises of the total time required from starting the design post the wireframe approval, till the client receives the deliverables for testing (UAT).

What is the cost to develop a website or a website application?

It is completely depended on the requirement of the client. Each client may have different requirement in terms of functionality and features which may also help in identifying the cost for the website design and development.

What is the payment term to develop a website?

Payment term is linked with the delivery from our side. We operate with the standard payment term of 50% advance, 30% on wireframe and design stages completion and 20% during final delivery. You may contact our team for further clarifications.

What is a Static Website?

Static website is nothing but a normal HTML and CSS based website. It will have individual HTML encoded pages for each and every content page that is linked to the main domain to form a website. As the name suggests, it doesn’t contain dynamically changing, database driven content.

What is a Content Management System (CMS) based website?

CMS is a web based tool which allows the user to manage the website content on a real time basis with the help of an admin panel and secured login. It can be easily managed by a non-technical person, hence make the website almost vendor independent. We possess expertise on multiple user friendly open source CMS tools like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Website Baker etc. using their latest versions to develop the website.

How will I learn to handle or update my CMS website?

Once the website is launched, we provide specific training to our clients so that they can efficiently take control over it. Of course, needless to mention that we always remain available for any kind of help or support required.

Can Digillence Rolson help me in managing my website?

YES. ABSOLUTELY! We can certainly do it for you if you opt for our website maintenance services.

What is an E-Commerce website?

As the name suggests, it is an online commercial website which allows showcasing the products along with detailed information to the website visitors. Once a visitor likes the products, he/she can decide on to either post a purchase enquiry using the online form or can directly make a purchase with the help of online purchasing system on the website with the integrated payment gateway and shopping cart. Kindly visit our E-Commerce Section under Web Technology Services (click here) for more details.

What is the size of project that Digillence Rolson can handle?

Digillence Rolson can handle any kind of web projects, let it be from designing, development, marketing or maintenance based activities. It can handle multi-technological projects like .NET, PHP along with Mobile and Tablet Apps etc. The project duration can be ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the scale of the project. We have already developed various corporate websites, eCommerce applications and other big portals in the past (checkout our portfolio) and looking forward to many more interesting and challenging projects.

What are different engagement models Digillence Rolson supports?

Digillence Rolson works with the clients on various models like Monthly Engagement Model, Fix Pricing Model, Time and Material based model etc. Please contact our team for more information.

What if I don’t have content for my website?

We can certainly help you in writing unique content for your website. We have expert copy writers who can pen down great quality content as per the requirement of your business, target audience and most importantly the search engines. Go through our Content Creation Section for more details. Please contact us for understanding the charges.

What is the maintenance cost and engagement model?

Maintenance cost depends on the effort required to manage the website/portal. It consists of not only troubleshooting activities but also regularly updating the content and functionalities if opted with us. The engagement model is much more derived from the engagement period that the client is expecting and is prepared exclusively for each client.

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