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Stats You Need To Know About Online Reputation Management

The public perception of a person or an organization is shaped in a way that it influences people and the business growth online. When we head out for a movie, we take a look at the reviews to ensure if the amount we are going to spend on the movie and popcorn is worthy. So it is important always to shine online and combat with all kinds of situations that affect your brand image.

Prevention is better than cure; we all know it. The same goes with online reputation management. The practice is not just about dealing with negative reviews and complaints, but you need to focus on implementing the holistic approach to optimizing the brand content in the best way.  Try to be honest, transparent and look at these stats to ensure that your brand is under control.

1. 90% of the prospective customers will not even consider looking at your USP if your business is showing 1 or 2-star ratings. Most of us tend to see only first three search results on Google, and if any of these is showing a poor rating, then it’s time to leverage online reputation management services.

2. More than 65% of the online searches are based on the fact that search engine is the first source of information. In fact, the auto complete responses on the search engines play the most important role to showcase your online presence. Make sure every response that pops out is in your favor and is not affecting your conversions.

3. People have started using social media regularly. 65% of the adults trust social media content and make a purchase decision based on your reputation on these networks. If there is any conflicting post or content about your services or products, it’s high time to think about the best online reputation management plan.

Since personal experience has the capability to leave significant influence, make sure you have a strategy in place to deal with the reputation risk.



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