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Web Development
Be it HTML, PHP or .Net we can play with all these to create best of the designs. We are genuinely excellent in code writing. We build and maintain websites for you. We take your specifications regarding design as well as message to create the masterpiece which you wanted. We make use of the best modern day practices to have easy interaction along with high class functionality. PHP, .NET, MySQL, JavaScript, ASP, HTML5/CSS are certainly our best buddies and we utilize these in best possible manner to create the wonder.

Web App Development
The way applications are accessed has undergone a drastic change. Packaged software is no more the same that it used to be. People are viewing software more like a service on the web. Probably that is the reason for replacement of packaged software. We have a creative team of technologists who strive hard to transform great ideas into unique and classic solutions for you. We rely on latest technologies and mix our dedication to create the best programs that makes you to work, play and enjoy. Magento, Zend, Cakephp, CodeIgniter are the ingredients which bring the perfect taste. We understand this and use the frameworks to bring that wow factor.

Mobile App Development
We are the magicians and turn your ideas and imaginations into charming apps. We make you able to keep such big technologies in your pockets. There are numerous applications, you just name them and we create it for you. Ranging from games, mobile utilities to smart applications meant for geo location; we make it all for you. Whether you want applications for Android, Blackberry or even iPad, we develop these in the best manner.

System Integrators
We know the value of system integration. We recognize the fact that the system is more important than the individual ingredients. We work to ensure proper integration of a number of systems and functions which can offer unified experiences on the web. A web experience can be seen in totality and not in isolation. We work for integration of payment gateways, business systems and social networks built on extremely strong APIs.

Content Management Systems
Stagnation is death. We know the value of keep moving and give you the power for the same. We help you in evolving constantly. Content Management Systems enable you to take charge of your constant up gradation and evolution. We strengthen you by empowering to use the highly flexible system for managing your website. We give you the power of managing the complete information as well as the ideas. You get the best help in the form of Drupal, Joomla, Website Baker and several others which are best for managing the website content. We

Ecommerce Development
Once we join hands together, just be assured that your endeavor has landed up in the safest hands. We value your business and concern for the same. We are the masters when it comes to creation of e-commerce portals where customers can easily locate what they actually want. We also help in strategizing for making it a hit. Rely on us for your growth. We make people shopping and help in growing your business.

Information Architecture
We take complete responsibility of organizing your story. We make things simpler and easier for everybody. We facilitate finding things for people. They can locate these depending on their needs and your wish of showing them. We create a fine blend of psychology and information which results in great experience for the user. Information architecture should be really great so that information can flow in a logical manner. This will ease a lot of things by simplifying the complex and helping in finding the things which were not so easily located earlier. We make things disciplined and orderly.

Web Analytics
Data is so important. One can get a lot of information which can be of great use. Web analytics is important for knowing traffic patterns as well as conversion points. It can also provide most famous terminologies searched along with geo metrics. We read between the lines and discover opportunities as well as pints of concern to show you the right picture.


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